Holidays with Family Part 1: Food

I see a gym membership in my future.






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8 responses to “Holidays with Family Part 1: Food

  1. I wanna come to your families house for Christmas next year!

  2. Lindsey

    That is the prettiest trifle I’ve ever seen! Also, pickled pig’s lips? wha…?

  3. That look on Lilhammas’ face….
    What’s she looking at – Pickled Pig Lips?

  4. Dude. That last picture is perfect.

  5. Lynn Montgomery

    Dalyn please check your e-mail! Dad

  6. Aha! I should have been pickling them… that’s where I’ve been going wrong. I’ll take a few of those pecan pies, too!

  7. Fansom

    Looks absolutely delicious. Interesting, when pig ‘products’ are used in France it’s called cuisine when it’s used in Soul and Southern food, people gasp, and say “what?” Very funny/interesting.

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