Holidays with Family Part 2: People









Note he is wearing "house shoes" (slippers).











And then of course… there is me.



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5 responses to “Holidays with Family Part 2: People

  1. And there is you…. Ha, ha, ha, ha…… you stand out like a sore thumb… oh and are they sick of your camera yet?

  2. brohammas

    @Barclay-They LOVED his pictures! You barely notice him snapping way most of the time…That jacket though is the bain of my existence. He was smart enough NOT to wear it around my family-that pic was taken a week earlier…

  3. What a beautiful family! You all seem very happy. Well done.

  4. Fansom

    This explains everything. 🙂 Your family looks beautiful and full of life. Have a very Merry New Year.

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