One day, while watching TV, I realized how much time I spent watching other people do things while never leaving my couch.  In a moment of self loathing I vowed that if at any time I was presented with a choice between watching something or doing something, I would always choose the latter.  This notebook is dedicated to those who were better at this idea than I.

In a leather bound, unlined, sketchbook inspired by Indiana Jones’s father, I sketched heros and heroines, outlined biographies and achievements, recorded instructions to things one should know (like how to tie a bow tie or play chess), and done drawings on location.  I hauled this notebook to the top of Angel’s Landing in Zions Utah, the top of the Eiffel Tower, Times Square, and the Golden Gate Bridge. It is full now and mostly sits in a dusty corner of my office- the same room where I sit all day at a desk.

8 thoughts on “Notebook

  1. Good Lord man. These are fantastic. Joey Ramone, Karl Marx, Yuri… all the boys are here. The John Brown image reminds me of a picture of him in one of my old social studies books from sixth grade. Used to stare at it a lot.

  2. Dalyn, I’m a Trad fan who followed the links here. Your work is wonderful & there is so much of it. Impressive. Congratulations on the new venture.

  3. As a former immodest ballet dancer/cruise ship entertainer who inspired her parents to watch Greg and Dharma because “she’s so much LIKE you,” and a current boring ass mom who’s afraid to break any rules of etiquette, your blog gives me confidence to bitch slap more people. Thanks. I just called someone a whore. I feel much better.

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