I hold strongly to the idea that no person is only, or all, one thing. Not all good, not all bad. No one knows everything and no one knows nothing.

I refuse to have only one interest or do only one thing.

I spent a good portion of my youth living in a tipi, I have lived in Philadelphia’s inner-city, and now I’m in the California suburbs. I have studied at an Ivy League school and also lived in a van. In 2001 I sold my first painting; in 2006 I had my first judged boxing match. I have played enough seasons of rugby to be able to smell a Guinness drunk from 20 yards away, yet I have never tasted alcohol, and I spend my Sundays in church.

You may call it distracted, I call it well rounded, the site is called Brohammas.

Feel free to contact me regarding any of these, or any new ventures that catch your interest.

brohammas@gmail.com 267-535-0730


8 thoughts on “About

  1. James Bogenrief

    Hey Dalyn,

    I finally just checked out your site, you have a wonderful talent. One that some of us only could dream of. Congradulations on your success. I truely wish you the best of luck.

  2. Erin Florisbello

    Thank you for sharing your version of the Wyoming trip. I really enjoyed seeing you and Marlee there, and then reading about life experiences from your point of view.
    Keep in touch,
    Cousin Erin

  3. Shari Guess

    Ok. I’m embarassed to say I didn’t even know this blog existed….I was just following a link from one of your emails hauting my Inbox. I’m going to come back on Sunday and stay awhile! I think I’m subscribed now. Want to give your site more than just a fast look.
    I really need to start this for my family.
    The old website is so outdated and was just too much work.
    I think I started one once….
    This will be the month I go back and find it…..

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