Rancho Cucamonga

In less than two weeks the Brohammas corporate headquarters will be relocating. I’m typing this now at my office desk, surrounded by boxes. The Company logo has been taken off the wall and I’m avoiding cleaning out the drawers in the kitchen.intheoffice

I will be trading in colonial cobblestone and corner stores for the palm trees of California. I’m conflicted.paradecolonial

Not just East to West, but old to new, urban to… sub *gulp* urban.23rd

It may be a good idea for me to break the rear view mirrors off of life for a little while. But I’m not deleting that “Philly” tab at the top of this site.cityview

Onward and upward.redlands_memorial_chapel

9 thoughts on “Rancho Cucamonga

  1. Hope you speak Spanish. I’m from the Canyon Crest area of Riverside so I knew RC pretty well back in the day.

  2. Oh wait… I just saw the University of Redlands tag. It (and many others in the area) is a fine liberal arts college. (But the smog in the IE is deadly.)

  3. Do you anticipate the tenor of your blog to change at all with your relocation?

    I have very much enjoyed your work and wish you the best of luck.

  4. Gangs? Well.. Only if you’re in gang infested areas. For the most part, no one messes with you unless you’re in ‘that’ life.

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