My mind has been taught to associate palm trees with vacation.

Every morning I wake, look out the window and there they are. I go to work and look out my windows, huge windows, and there they are again.vintagetraffic

Every now and then, but not too often, I wake up to cloudy skies… but then a few hours later the sun burns these “clouds” away and the sky is blue. Completely blue. Not a cloud.

It has been three weeks since I have seen a panhandler.

It has been about that long since I have even seen a piece of trash on the ground.

Out here, even the dirt is kept clean.

The kids have started school but the pool is still open. The pool is going to stay open.
It doesn’t close.
I no longer toy with airports and rental cars. I traded those in for an office with my name on the door.


There was a moment,
I’ll admit more than one,
as I was driving past the Cheescake factory, then the Olive Garden, and then Chili’s, when I began to regret my decision. I missed the Hinge Cafe’ and the rat meat cheese steak under the L…
And then I ate a burrito.


Regret all gone.
I may never eat another cheese steak.
Viva la burrito.

Roots are Funny Things

Roots are funny things.

Botanists, farmers, those who know things, will argue or teach about what sort of plant needs which type of soil to grow and thrive. I’m sure they know what they are talking about.vanandcar

But I say that all plants grow best, in whatever type of soil they happen to be planted in at that time. Because that’s the thing about plants; they aren’t the gardener. If they don’t grow where they are their only other choice is rather dire.

After tearful goodbyes, and I am not afraid to claim a tear, I drove off into the sunset. kansasrearviewThen I drove into another sunset. archandflagThen I drove into yet another sunset and eventually ran out of room to drive. cloudyskiesThen I stopped and unloaded the truck.

A long time ago I took seed in land, was transplanted to another, and eventually began to grow like that pesky weed that comes up in the crack of a sidewalk.

I loved being a weed in the Philly sidewalk.

There were lots of other interesting weeds, great climate for weeds to grow, and best of all, in Philly weeds are allowed to grow.newmexicomotel

I must have sprouted seed because the wind picked me up and blew me to another land where there are no weeds.

But here there are flowers.

Palm trees and sun.

It does not rain but gardeners abound. No more rabble but rather manicured gardens.

I have landed and now I can choose to grow.

Or not.Rez

I am not the gardener so all I can do is grow as best I can. Perhaps the gardener, because they have those here, will find I am a weed and pluck me up, or maybe I will find I am a flower?mewasteland

Rancho Cucamonga

In less than two weeks the Brohammas corporate headquarters will be relocating. I’m typing this now at my office desk, surrounded by boxes. The Company logo has been taken off the wall and I’m avoiding cleaning out the drawers in the kitchen.intheoffice

I will be trading in colonial cobblestone and corner stores for the palm trees of California. I’m conflicted.paradecolonial

Not just East to West, but old to new, urban to… sub *gulp* urban.23rd

It may be a good idea for me to break the rear view mirrors off of life for a little while. But I’m not deleting that “Philly” tab at the top of this site.cityview

Onward and upward.redlands_memorial_chapel