5 thoughts on “Then vs. Now

  1. In reviewing the fine pieces of literature you have displayed on your blog, I was wondering if you could kindly provide a summary of the work entitled “Hammer and Hoe” and in particular, providing an assessment as to the theoretical and symbolic underpinnings, preferably in APA formatting, regarding both the Hammer and/or the Hoe. Looking forward to your invaluable input.

    1. Hammer and Hoe is an account of Communist party organizing in rural Alabama during the 30s and 40s. Points of interest include the surprising regularity of party organization within churches, the lack of white or Euro involvement, and the number of poor white farmers who also became involved.
      I must pass on the APA review as it may put me at risk of plagiarizing myself when the auto scan is run on my upcoming comprehensive literature review.

  2. I completely disagree with your assessment, the Hoe is actually a derivative analogy to the plight of cross cultural distinctions, produced by the illicit characterization of pluralism coupled with the disparity of communities so prominent during such time period. You failed to acknowledge that the Hammer is the back hand that often emphasizes and reinforces productivity of the working class, in order to maintain consistency of service, rates, and satisfaction of customers. It is a blatant reference to the modernization of what is commonly now referred to as the pimp, hence the hammer and the hoe.

  3. A)keep it clean, this is a family show.
    B)you are right, you win. But you had no running header and failed to cite anyone with the appropriate letters after their name.

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