Study Spot of the Day

Outside the Graduate Student Center



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2 responses to “Study Spot of the Day

  1. Uglyblackjohn

    While it has nothing to do with this post – any thoughts on Mia Love?

  2. I didn’t really know about her till I googled her just now. Not knowing anything about her I have some concerns about people with immigration stories of “I made it with never getting a hand out.” Mostly because no one really makes it all on their own. You may “make it” with no help from the govt. but you got help from somewhere, and not everyone has support around them. She could be great but I get nervous every time a Black person waves the ultra conservative flag because so many of us White folks then point to them and say “see, look at that one. Whats wrong with all you other ones.” Her saying the Black caucus creates racism concerns me.

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