Sitting Still to Let the Ivy Grow

A year or so ago I was working out of the back of a van, travelling to a different and new place every day. These days I’m forced to let the moss grow, so that my mind and credentials may grow as well.

Time to put my feet up for a minute. Or at least keep them in one place.


Growing is good. Now I am forced to grow while appearing stagnant but doing my best not to really stagnate. I’ve decided to look around me a bit and notice the little things.

Wynn Commons


Staying in place, at a place like this, is nice in that while buildings and things have stayed in place, some for a very long time, but the people have not. People, some great, some not, some soon to be, have all sat in those chairs, walked those paths, ignored those same details.

the ghosts of Locust Walk


So for the rest of the school year I’ll do my best to pay attention, both in class and out. I’ll look at things different every day and try to help us all do the same.

Wynn Commons


Or at least I will continue to play with my iPhone.

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