Founded 1842. Roman Catholic. 10,842 students.



There is a movie about the Maine Line. Its called the Philadelphia story, but really, its the Maine Line. Villanova is the Main Line.




I’ve driven through. It gets it’s name from the rail line that once took old money from their city homes to their country, now suburban, ones. I’ve been to the schools, gawked at the homes, sat at a lot of red lights. I would rather ride the maine line than drive to it.



Academics are strong, basketball is strong, area ties-even stronger. I know a few grads, a few current administrators, all top notch. But as I was walking through the football stadium, being nosey watching lacrosse practice, I looked up on the football wall of fame.




6 thoughts on “Villanova

  1. I was born and raised about 2 miles from Villanova’s campus. For many and varied reasons this Roman Catholic institution has nothing whatsoever to do with the Main Line…other than an accident of geography. We never liked the school…they did not have enough dorm space…the student body was made up of Long Island wankers and they started taking themselves way too seriously after the 1985 basketball success. Not a fan….
    What is this extra “e” trying to convey?

  2. The extra E is a product of a strange fluke in auto-correct, and my lack of an editor.
    Like I said, all I know about the main line is that I have driven through.

    1. We will attend to your lack of knowledge this Summer when we have you over to our Gladwyne place for dinner on the patio…and a local tour w\yours truly as guide!

    1. Jerry never went to Villanova, but upon seeing that name I had to google him on my phone. So whether its the “right” guy or not, the mental relation was made.

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