Spelman College

My Wife’s best friend went to Spelman. So did Whitley, Dwayne Wayne, and Marissa Tome’…. sorta.arch

It is the HBCU (historically black college or university) version of Wellesley, and also the inspiration for Cosby’s fictional Hilman College in the sitcom Its A Different World.chapel

Founded in 1881, a time when neither women nor Black people were encouraged to pursue higher education. This sort of one-off origin, the kind of historical consolation prize that would lead one to think less of a place, does not apply to Spelman. It lists among the top 50 producers of Fulbright Scholars, second in production of black bacheloriates who go on to med school, and is the Alma Mater of the Dean of Harvard.

It does not to need to prove its bone fides.AKA



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5 thoughts on “Spelman College

  1. Is Mrshammas an AKA? I never knew much about Black Greek Letter Organizations till I moved down Souf. It seems as though the AKAs are the pretty ones.

  2. Alright AKAs. Well, despite the ‘seddity’ part of AKAs they’ve done a great deal of favorable community and national service, as have all the prominent African-American sororities and frats. They’ve been an invaluable resource. But, they’ve also been, well….I don’t need to get into this one. And I speak of a person with three generation of AKAs and frats on my swaying family tree. Funny though, I was never interested in pledging myself. I’d like to think Wellesley was the white version of Spelman, albeit with a larger endowment.

  3. I am currently a student at Spelman College and appreciate you recognizing it as one of the most prominent schools in the country! For information on Entertainment/Current News, and Spelman College, please feel free to follow my blog:

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