What Did You Wear for the Holiday?

I do not, nor have I ever, claimed to be an expert; but expertise it seems is relative.

For example, I present to you my brother-in-law.


Let it be said that there are very few things I could ever teach this man. VERY few things. He is a junior executive at IBM, hugely skilled and respected in what he does. He is the type of husband, father, and man I aspire to become, and he is nicer than I am. I am sure you are nice, but he is nicer than you too. This will explain how good he is at his job…


His wife asked the Mrs. and I to help, he agreed.

After part 1

Now keep in mind we didn’t want to shock anyone to death. Lest you think this outfit is nothing to post about, scroll back up to that top picture.

Which one looks more like the guy you would rather work for?

After part 2

Upon reveal this one went over like a lead balloon. I think it will grow on them. The sweater was built for this guy.  Perhaps I was projecting here but seriously,  he can rock this top anywhere and be both comfortable and presentable. And finally this:

We all liked this one best. Nothing big time, he just looks better. Clothes aside, look at his face and realize this is a grown man who is allowing his juvenile brother-in-law to dress him up and do a photo shoot.  Who will second my nomination for best sport of the year?

Now above mentioned company are fantastic hosts, we keep going back, but best host of the year without question goes to Chris Cox and Company over at Easy and Elegant Life.

Mr. Cox with his new portrait.

We stopped by to deliver his portrait and as always he made us feel like royalty. His wife is hilarious, his kids entertained ours, and we even liked his dog. Really, he should give lessons… I guess kind of, he already does.



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9 responses to “What Did You Wear for the Holiday?

  1. I 2nd the motion whole heartedly! And I think I need to meet Mr. Cox someday… GREAT painting you did for him BTW.

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  3. maybe365

    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this…. at least he recently started to wear his t shirts untucked!! 🙂

  4. Lisa

    You kind of did the male version of “What Not to Wear”! Love it! You all did a great job! Especially Marcel!

  5. Nancy

    Have to agree that Marcel is nicer than most anyone I know. First met him when he and Lyric visited in Minnesota during vet school about a hundred years ago. (Actually, just before they got engaged) how time flies.
    Oh, and I like #2 best.

  6. Allison

    I nominate Jake to be your next project. He has come along since the plaid & camo snafu of 2007, but still refuses to try on a v-neck cardigan. It still makes me ill to think of plaid and camo…

  7. Yup. This guy wins – best sport and HOTTEST husband ever! (not that I’m biased…. being married to the guy.)

  8. You’ve carried the good fight to the front lines and did a fine job with your brother-in-law. Just look at the smile on his face — he knows he looks good.

    Wonderful to see you and that happy family of yours and many thanks for the portrait, it’s fantastic. It may be the cover to the book! (Man, I gotta get a haircut…)

  9. Kristin McNamara Freeman

    Look #2, definitely. What a great, good sport he is.

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