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Why White People Should Learn Black History: Part 2

Because there are so many White Americans that what we/they (white people) think or do automatically affects everyone else.

A lot has been said about our recent presidential election and how the Republicans lost because they had failed to recognize the growing number of minorities in America. These messages are normally coupled with population predictions that tell of a non-white American majority in the not so distant future.

This frightens white people.DalynForMB (3)

It shouldn’t. It shouldn’t really worry the white masses for two reasons: A) because white people will still be the largest single population group by far, and B) so what?

Lets look at A. In the 2010 census, the one from which all these alarming demographic trends derive, white people outnumbered everyone else by 136 million people. Stated another way, if you lump together every non white person in America, there will still be 136 MILLION more white people. The myth of the coming white minority is in fact a myth. There will surely be a day when all the “others” outnumber white people, but that is not the same as being a minority.

Being a minority means being outnumbered or isolated. If you are Vietnamese, it may be possible to find a neighborhood where there are more than three other people sharing your nationality, but really… there will be some white people there too.

If you are Latino, you may find places to live that have thousands upon thousands of Latinos… but there will still be white people. The relevance of this becomes even more apparent if one looks at California, Texas, or Arizona, places with large Latino populations, and do a racial survey of their state governments or national representatives. White people? Yessir.

If you are Latino, Asian, or Black in America, your life will always be affected by the actions of white people… They/we are the majority group.

Now B)… what would be so bad about white people being the minority? Is it assumed that the non-white will automatically begin oppressing the white folks? Perhaps. Do you white people who fear this think that white people oppress minorities now?

If no, then why would you assume “they” will oppress you?

If yes, then isn’t it only fair that “they” get a chance to be on top for once in a thousand years?

Both of these are admittedly problematic statements but they illustrate the point. The point being that if you have reservations about being the new minority, what exactly is it about this that bothers you? Get to the heart of it and deal with that, not some other surface distractions.DalynForMB (8)

Because what the rising minority populations DOES mean, and the recent elections proved, is that minorities can no longer simply be a distraction.

Historically, when we teach or learn of history, minority populations are treated as a distraction. The problem with this, especially when learning history, is that the idea that race, especially African-Americans as a group, is just a distraction or footnote, is factually wrong. It is not true. It is not factual history.

When the majority population get the history wrong, they make poor decisions regarding the future.




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