Paintings in Progress: A Study in Inertia

I had a commission due during my holiday.

I dusted off my brushes, brushed the dust off some canvas, and got to work.paintson desk

Large format individual portraits for a family of five, seven including the grown ups. crewinprogress

I finished them on time, mailed them in the nick of time, and they arrived about  four hours too late.

Then what? Looking around the office at all this paint and extra empty canvasses I felt a flood of ideas. No matter I already have a laundry list of pre-planned paintings, I started new ones.NRAin progress

I’m back to the day job.

Christmas break equals ten paintings. Christmas break equals minus ten hours of sleep. My inertia is being acted upon by an outside crushing need for rest. Just in time for work.kinardprogress


Images will be available on soon.