Chris Woodhead is Cooler Than You, and he isn’t even trying

His facebook feed is mostly pictures of his daughter and wife.

I met him in church.

His conversation consists of mostly… well… mostly just short replies to whatever you just said. He laughs easily enough, makes jokes of his own, maybe even a little story, but they are always short. Lots of pauses. He comes off kind of quiet. Yeah, thats right, quiet.

When I first heard about what he does with his off hours I asked, “wait. So you are the lead singer in a band?”

He replied, “Well, not really. Its more like screaming.”

(the band is Old Arrows)

He doesn’t just do the screaming, he writes all the songs as well.

But like I said we met in church. He taught Sunday School to a bunch of teenage boys. Reading sctiptures, giving instruction on life choices, using woodworking tools. Usual stuff.

no socks

Come pinewood derby time there was Chris, sandpaper and a block of wood in hand. The kids were just making cars, they had no idea what they had in this teacher. They still don’t. He never really told them. They probably wouldn’t have appreciated, or believed him had he attempted to brag, but he never did.

What those boys had wasn’t a rock star, though he should be, but a designer. He designs and builds all those crazy displays you see in that big “hip” store that is in all the malls.

That’s his day job.1

Sometimes he paints too. I paint a little myself but you can’t walk into a national retail chain and buy a print of anything I have done. You can do that with his work.

But wait, there’s more.woodheadsHe also makes purses.

No really he does. Really good purses. Bags, briefcases, and all sorts of leather stuff. Hand crafted, custom designed, get featured in international magazine kind of purses.

Don’t even get me started on the backpack he made out of a recycled Carhart jacket.pursesI spend a lot of time on the internet. I’m getting a little bit older and a lotta bit jaded. Maybe jaded is a bit too strong, but definately skeptical. I know that no one’s life is as good as it looks on Facebook, mine included. I generally assume that everyhing, or everyone, I see online is about half as successful as they appear, about a third as talented, and no where near as cool. Its the kind of skepticism that makes you nervous when you hear your friend’s band has a gig coming up. You want it to be good but errr… most of us just aren’t that  talented, or all that cool. Cool enough, sure, but “enough” isn’t enough for a rock star.

And then there is Chris.mistylightGo to:

Old Arrows

the Sawyer Cabinet co.