Trapped in a Room, on Purpose, to See if you Can Escape: its for fun

So you and your friends have battled it out on the Monopoly board, Life, RISK, maybe even Balderdash. You have conquered the world, settled Catan, and need something a little more… something a bit more.  You want something a little more… real?IMG_6106

You watched Indiana Jones, James Bond, and Laura Croft then afterwards found yourself unsatisfied with your suburban Southern California life?

I have found a solution for you.IMG_6115

So there is this place where you can go get locked in a jail cell with 5-10 of your closest friends and then as you watch a TV screen count down 59 minutes, use your wits and some very well hidden clues to bust outta’ the slammer.

Turns out this is a “thing”.IMG_6120

I didn’t know it was a thing till a friend of ours invited us along to go get locked in a jail cell with them. Why would we ask questions to such an invitation? When someone invites you to a jail break you say yes first and then ask questions later. Turns out this jail cell is located in an office park near Rancho Cucamonga and is run by a guy named Rich.IMG_6117

For a very reasonable price Rich will lock you in a cell, or if you are more of the comic book sort, lock you in room full of riddles ala Batman and the Riddler, and then watch you on his security screen as you test your wits trying to escape.IMG_6105

Escape is surprisingly fun. And not as easy as you might expect. There were hidden clues, red herrings, moments of triumph, and a whole lot of moments where you find yourself praying you are never trapped by a villain in a giant room of riddles with your life on the line. Cuz this junk is hard.IMG_6107


We made it out with a little less than 8 minutes left on the clock. I am told it is the record. Consider the gauntlet thrown down.

I’m also considering bringing my whole office there as a team building exercise without telling them I’ve already done it. They will be mesmerized with  my clue deciphering abilities and in order to capitalize on my genius I will quickly be promoted to emperor.

What could possibly go wrong?IMG_6103 600 N. Mountain Ave, Upland, CA 909-360-9806