The “Greatest” Thing About Big Mouths and Boxing

One of the greatest things about boxing is that if someone has a big mouth, it is fair to punch said mouth. Muhammad Ali was was historic in both mouthing and punching.chasing barclay

Perhaps it is simply a sign of respect at his passing, or his previous ailment, but I find it interesting to hear what people are now saying or choosing to remember. Everyone loves him. I count myself a fan. I do not agree with everything about him, but I suspect I agree with what he said more than many who now praise him.

First let me say he did Joe Frazier wrong. Ali was out of line and never chose to apologize in person. He was hands down wrong regarding Frazier.20091230_Philly Gym_0015

I wasn’t around during Vietnam, many of those who were still are, so whatever my opinion about Ali’s views on that war take a back seat to theirs. I won’t even offer an opinion here or pick a side.thering

What I will offer is that Ali was not afraid to open his mouth and he took the ensuing punches. He was loud. He got knocked down. He vacated his title. He took his ban. He punched and got punched again. For the most part he kept saying what he thought needed to be said and he accepted the consequences of those words.

I do however, wish more people would remember the actual words he said rather than just the idea that he said things. He said a lot of great things. He did even better things.

Except that whole Frazier thing.

photo credits to John Barclay… mostly.