Philly Skyline: a new addition

It felt like going home. I didn’t grow up there, I don’t live there now, but it still feels like my home.

Philadelphia has a new spire in its skyline and the weekend I spent there recently was one of the more “Philly” sorts of weekends I could have imagined.

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It was full old friends, old buildings, new buildings, and new restaurants. But mostly it was that one new building.

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What once required a lot of car pooling and a three hour drive to DC is now a subway trip for them… and an all day flight for me.img_7283

it was worth the trip.

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A Look Inside the Mormon Temple… kinda

While most of the globe has been explored there still remain many mysteries out in the world. To most, the inside of a Mormon temple is one of those great mysteries.

Artist's rendition of the temple to be built in Philadelphia

In my faith there is no place holier than a dedicated temple. There are thousands of Mormon church buildings worldwide but only 134 temples. Churches are where weekly services are held, they are open to everyone; feel free to visit one whenever you like.

Temples are only open to baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and then not all members, but only those who are living up to a basic set of standards including no: alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, or extramarital (or premarital) sex. In addition to the don’t s, an individual must also pay tithes (10%), regularly attend Sunday church services, and live up to any legal obligations (child support if applicable and those sorts of things).

Ground breaking ceremony

On Saturday my wife and I were honored to be able to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for a temple that will be constructed on Logan Circle in Philadelphia. For believers this is an exciting event, the type that most will never repeat in their lifetime.  I do not expect I will do such a thing again.

The mayor was there. City council members, various religious leaders, and nearby business leaders, and an apostle of Jesus Christ were all there.

Here comes the part that most readers of this blog should find interesting…

When temple construction is completed, before it is officially dedicated, the building is open for public tours. While construction will likely take two years, I am sending an open invitation now; I will personally take any and all interested readers on a personal tour through the Philadelphia temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

It would be my pleasure.

The Mrs. and I

If you look closely at minute 1:35 you will see my wife and I in the background. ABC NEWS