My Wife Will be on TV… Again!

So the beautiful African American woman sitting on the couch is my wife. No really, she is.

If you like, you can catch my real life wife on NBC’s Hollywood Game Night this coming Monday at 8/7c

game night

I Met Her in Church

I met her in church.

She stood at the podium and gave the most heartfelt and irreverent talk I had ever heard. Well…I’m not sure if it was the most heartfelt, but I am sure she was smokin’ hot.IMG_9471Thirteen years and two kids later she is still smokin’ hot.

She has a kind of star power that other people (me) hang around like groupies, hoping to catch a little of her leftover glow. If you meet her once you will know what I mean. You don’t forget.michael

Have you ever bumped into someone on the street and re-introduced yourself? They smile, shake your hand, and nod their head while the brow furrows as they rack their memory trying to drum up the connection?

Not with her.

People see her again after who knows how long, and as she recounts how they are acquainted, they just smile, nod. They don’t have to think because they remember exactly where they met.

She’s that kind of person.


She is a Mom.

People who have had that job watch her in amazement. She is good at it. Good like the unfair kind of good. And she does it her way.

That’s how she does everything.

While pregnant she read every book imaginable. When the kid showed up she brought certified experts into our home to consult us. She has a degree from an accredited university on childhood development  She watches, studies, learns, and then goes ahead and does it her own way.ridin bike

If I, or any of our kids, ever reach any real success it will be because we stood near enough to her for some of “it” to rub off. Reflected glow. Second hand awesomeness.

We are all very lucky. I’m surprised she tolerates us.IMG_1441

She doesn’t have time, or rather doesn’t waste time, on foolishness. Now make no mistake, she knows how to “act a fool”, in fact acting a fool allowed her to meet Oprah (twice), but rather she has no patience for gossip, pettiness, or social jockeying.

Unless you are Oprah. Then she is a triple crown quality jockey.kayandoprah

God is the only one who can tell her what to do. She will listen to him, and even if it is like a pouting child forced to clean her room. She cleans it.

Most of us just put on our headphones and ignore God. We sit in our messy rooms and play childish video games pretending we don’t know God asked us to clean up this mess.

But not her. She does it.

She doesn’t do it for you. She doesn’t do it for me. she just does.

And she looks good doing it.KAyontvtellinstories

I am thirteen years in love.



Around Town, Continental

I once lived in a place with a population of somewhere near 30,000 people and 10,000 chain restaurants.  Eating was convenient, reliable, and plastic.

I do not miss those days and I do not miss Appleby’s.

What I do miss is disposable income. Upcoming opportunities have inspired us to put the clamps down on the budget, which would normally put the clamps down on adventurous eating, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Lunch crowds, corporate reps talking shop over salads, fill booths around the windows.  I take my date upstairs to sit in the hanging baskets on the inside balcony, it’s too hot to sit outside.

As we scan the menu we skip the apps, ignore multiple entrees, and focus mostly on the column to the right.  Ordering in such a fashion will likely force us to miss whatever dish the house does best, but if you choose the right house, things will work out just fine.

Why go “nice” while spending less, which means eating less, when Chili’s exists?  Because any wise investor will tell you that it is not how much money you put in, but where you put it, that matters most. Perhaps these ventures are not investments in meals but something more important.

Creme brulee and steak are nice, but time with her in a place we like, is better.