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Boston College

Doug Flutie. I’m sure there is more to the place, but really… in my mind it is mostly Doug Flutie.ImageWandering around campus I saw no undersized mullet wearing super athletes, or if I did, I did not know what I was looking at. But then that is the story of Flutie Flakes, no one really appreciated what they were looking at.Image

Underdogs aside, this campus like so many others, does pay attention to the window dressing. Stone walls, arched windows, and wood paneled walls are there, but so are the harps.ImageThe school houses one of the largest collections of Irish literature and they know the right accessories with which to decorate. I saw first edition James Joyce along side Samuel Beckett.

I’m not sure if any of them wore mullets or ever had a breakfast cereal named after them, so again, Flutie wins.Image


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