Cheyney University

The term HBCU stands for Historically Black College and University. Of all the schools that fall under this umbrella, Cheyney is arguably the most “historical”.


They themselves make that argument, but they arent arguing with me. I’m on their team.

Cheyney was founded in 1837. Lets look at 1837 just a little bit.

jimmy carter1837 is the year Queen Victoria assumed the throne in England. This is the same year Michigan became a state. The civil war was still decades away and Black people were not only not admitted to colleges… they were mostly held as slaves.

Then here comes Cheyney.

red thingIt was opened in Philadelphia as the African Institute but now sits on 275 quiet acres in Chester County, PA.

I have had people ask me why there are such things as “black colleges” these days. We can’t have white colleges. It is a double standard.


When Cheyney was founded there were such things as white colleges. They were officially called “every college in America”. And just so you know, all these white colleges eventually let black people in… and all these black colleges today, have ALWAYS let white people in.

They still do.