Growing Ivy, Cornell

Cornell campus, overlooking Ithaca NY.

When naming Ivy League schools, or trying to, certain schools get named that shouldn’t (Stanford), while others get left off (U Penn).  I would never make such mistakes, especially with this fine institution.  Why? 

Andy Bernard! 

Statue of a co-founder and some guy waiting patiently for something.

Founded in 1865 with the idea that an institution would be established where a person of any religion or race could study anything, Cornell University has held true to its ideals graduating such alumni as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Toni Morrison, Christopher Reeves, Huey Lewis (but not the News), Bill Nye the Science Guy… and yet none of us remembered the school till Andy Bernard. 

Do the little monkey, frogs, and animals mean something? We who attended state schools may never know.

As I wandered around the campus I joined in behind a campus tour of parents and prospective Freshmen.  We saw the chapel where prominent alumni are interred, a podium where MLK spoke, and libraries with fancy light fixtures.  I looked but did not find any statue of superman or plaque honoring Bill Maher. 

Late blooming cherry trees but no ivy.
Non-denominational chapel.

I did not visit the Cornell West Campus, as the name confused me (he teaches at Princeton right?), I did visit the gift store, and of course the art museum was not open that day. 

Hallowed halls of knowledge, no kryptonite allowed.

As I pondered how spoiled I had recently become in regards to historical sites, I realized my alma mater was founded 15 years earlier than Cornell.  “Booyah”, I shouted to myself, simultaneously signaling the death of that word’s street cred, and striking Cornell’s campus off my mental list of historic sites.

For a moment I thought the gargoyle was squeeking at me... it was.