BYU: of course

Brigham Young University and I have a history. No, I never attended the school, but you can’t be what I am, from where I am from, without BYU being in your life. Sort of like a cousin, or a not-so-drunk uncle.IMG_9691

Speaking of uncle’s, my niece is a sophomore there. That is not why I went. I went for work.

BYU is a great school. I will even admit it is an absolutely top academic institution. While studying colleges, while I was in college, I realized again how different this school is from every other school in the country and cannot be honestly considered when doing national comparisons. This sign is a prime example of why.IMG_9692The bathrooms is the student union have diaper changing tables. I will wager big money a sign like this has never been posted at any other American college.

Now I am sure plenty of NCAA collegiate football players have children, but at BYU they also have wives (but only one wife per player so don’t start). The school is truly its own kind of bookstore

Last year they won the National championship in rugby. the college rugby team I played for has only beaten BYU once. I played in that game. I cannot take credit for the victory. I didn’t even know we won. I was simply running around confused and battered when a whistle blew and the BYU guys all walked to their van and went home. They did not shake our hands.

Its Okay though… we were very poor winners.