Artwork on Display, Open Invitation

The show is open now through Nov 31st in the Fox Art Gallery at Claudia Cohen Hall on Penn’s campus. (249 S. 36th St)

I missed the opening too, but there is still time to go.Its free.

 Claudia Cohen Hall

Go inside this building
Hey, that's my name!


Perhaps I should explain…

My experiences


These are actually two of the first paintings I ever did outside of high school.I spent all of 1995 and 1996 in Atlanta Georgia as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I left twenty days after my 19th birthday.For two years I did not watch TV, listen to the radio, or date… crazy right?What I did for those two years was walk around and talk to people. We talked to everyone. It’s pretty much all we did. Sometimes we would volunteer at a hospital, or the YWCA, or other community organizations, but mostly we talked. We talked about religion. Religion is personal stuff, one of those things you don’t bring up in polite company. I brought it up with everybody.

Before leaving home I think I knew four black people: Clint, Royce, Karl Malone and Snoop Dog. I only actually met two of them, they were Okay. Loved Karl, thought Snoop was bad (as in not good).Then one day I moved into an apartment on a road called Bankhead Highway in Atlanta’s west side. White people did not go to Bankhead. Black people who had a choice, did not go to Bankhead, cops told me I was stupid for living on Bankhead. One year Freaknik came to Bankhead but that’s another story

Thats me in the painting... I don't know the guy looking at it.

These paintings illustrate the beginning of my education. They show a little bit of what I was doing for what would normally be my sophomore and junior years of college.

I’m still learning and you are invited to join me.

Starting New Things

I’ve been in the studio quite a bit as of late.  Here is why…

Today I launch a new blog, not instead, but in addition to this one.

I have long loved the advertising illustration of times past.  When I have looked back at Leyendecker or others of that time I am amazed that the work, meant as a modern advertisement, could still look so appealing; not dated. 

Of course most don’t wear straw boater hats today but after viewing these ads, one might want to.  There are of course great ads out today, but these old ones were done with a brush.

So are mine.

It feels appropriate to kick it off with the blog that started the menswear or fashion blogging craze that exists today, Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist.

As I’ve spoken with other bloggers, successful ones, there was a common theme; they saw the sartorialist, loved it, and were inspired to do something of their own.

I make no claims to being a Leyendecker, Rockwell, or Eakins, but I will be posting illustrations of blogs, bloggers, brands, or others, that I think deserve a hand painted ode to when things had style and beauty.

Enjoy… and tell a friend.