James Bond Collar Stays: my niece rules!

I am not well known as a good gift giver. Quite the opposite really. On the bright side, my expectations of others matches my personal performance, which means I expect nothing.

Sometimes someone, and in this case something, exceed expectations.


Last year I hosted my niece, a newly married undergrad, which translates to young and broke, for the holiday. I expected some pleasant company, I got much more.

If we were to ever look under 007’s collar I would expect to find Exuvius collar stays. I hadn’t heard of them previously. Not only had I never heard of Exuvius, but you will likely never know that when I’m wearing a tie, my extra crisp collar is being kept extra crisp by a titanium, bottle opening, thread cutting, screw driving, MacGyver tool.

I don’t care that you might never know it, I know it, and even though I’m sure I will never need one eighth of this collar stays’ tactical abilities, I feel more adventurous knowing my little secret.

Grand slam of a Christmas gift and a full hearted recommendation.

Also… do not expect me to improve on my gift giving skills. I find it much easier to recognize the greatness in others than to strive for greatness myself.