He is on Everest Right Now

Right now, while I am sitting on my couch, or in my office, I will not admit to which, Dr. Brandon Fisher is less than a mile from the summit of Mt. Everest.IMG_0702

Hopefully, possibly before you read this, he will have reached the pinnacle of the world- literally. That place is one of the most over used metaphors, most cliched, most exaggerated, and he will likely, hopefully, do what we hyperbolize.

My thoughts and prayers are with Brandon Fisher and the Radiating Hope team.unnamed

3 thoughts on “He is on Everest Right Now

  1. Brandon and the Radiating Hope team made it to the South Summit, then made it within 300 feet of the top of the world, and had to turn back. The weather tried to blow them off the top of the mountain and they decided to climb back down rather than fly.
    While this may have been disappointing, no, even though it IS disappointing, they are back home safe. Alive at 100 feet elevation is better than many of the other alternatives.

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