Bottega Louie

They serve food at Bottega Louie. I have seen it, but I cannot speak of it first hand. But fear not, millions of other people can, and have.IMG_2462Yelp has declared Bottega Louie as their most photographed restaurant ever. My Instagram feed believes that statement.

While I saw sandwiches, the kind with bread and meaty things, I opted for the kind with sugar almond and chocolate. Upon reflection I have no regrets.

No, that isn’t true. Given the budget and time I had for the day, I do not regret my decision but on a grander scale I definitely regret my budget and time constraints. I need to go back and eat more. And I need to eat everything. Then I need to go eat more of everything.
IMG_2469 (3)

High ceilings, high expectations, high brow; this place is all of those things and it lives up to what you would both hope and demand. I regularly doubt Los Angeles’s place in the pantheon of world cities. It has not completely (or at all) won me over to the idea that it belongs in the company of New York or Paris, but Bottega Louie is LA’s best argument yet.


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  1. Uglyblackjohn

    I think I remember when the Armani shop at South Coast Plaza had the best artisan pizzas in town. While I preferred Fashion Island (I liked their Farmer’s Market and setting) to SCP the ability to run in, buy a suit and each lunch in a hurry was always a good thing.

    And I’ve always heard that LA food was terrible. SoCal is the FAST FOOD capital but like the state’s wines it took a while for it’s cuisine to get any respect. It’s odd because Wolfgang Puck was California based and he may have been the first celebrity chef.

    I have friends from the South who claim that California food is too bland – not enough seasoning or bacon in the recipes. I have friends from back East who claim that it is too simple. French was once popular then Italian – it wasn’t until Fusion became popular that California cuisine gained popularity.
    With fresh seafood and beef, loads of crops and many cultures, one cannot sleep on California’s food.

    I love Mexican food but I HATE Tex-Mex. I have only found two places here in eighteen years that serve the style of Mexican food I like.
    I think it has more to do with whatever one is accustomed than it it does with something being good.

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