So I Heard Its a Blizzard: That’s Nice

I remember Snowmegeddon. It took a week to dig my car out of a snowbank.CIMG9264The thing I hadn’t thought about the first time I went out to shovel snow while living in a row home, was that there is nowhere to move the shoveled snow too. Where are you supposed to put it?bowboardtreescopy

I am not anti-snow per-se, I have at times rather enjoyed the stuff. But only at times and in its place.IMG_0313

But today, and here, is not the place. Enjoy hunkering down inside your little caves folks, I have to go to work.IMG_8475


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One response to “So I Heard Its a Blizzard: That’s Nice

  1. Uglyblackjohn

    Just wait till Spring.
    In an El Nino year parts of golf courses flood and hillsides turn into waves of mud.
    As kids we’d ride our boogieboards down the rushing water in the gutters of our hillside neighborhoods. (It sounded like a good idea but we’d scrape and.bruise our legs on the curbs and sometimes run into parked cars.) We’d paddle the temporary lakes in low lying areas. We’d have to constantly drain our pools.

    The snowline gets pretty low and sometimes peaks still have snow until July 4th. In Rancho….. you might even be able to have snowball fights and use boogieboards, trashcan lids or even cardboard as sleds just a little further uphill.
    I’m sure the girls will love it.

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