Death Valley: you can get a sunburn from salt


The crowds gather right at the side of the road where the sign is posted. People wait their turn to get a picture taken next to the elevation -200 feet sign and angle the camera just so to get a background devoid of tourists.

We drove an extra half mile down the road then hiked, rather strolled, a mile out onto the salt flats where there was no need of camera angling. There were no tourists.

The map doesn’t say “salt flats” it says “badwater”and right underneath the thin layer of white crystal salt is slightly frozen mud. We know whats under the salt because Kaleo almost lost his shoe when his foot sunk through the salt leaving him with cold, muddy socks.

I found this hilarious.

We went for this walk so I could add another drawing in my sketchbook. It has been to Zion’s, Grand Bahama, Time’s Square, the Golden Gate Bridge, Kansas City, Paris, Boston, Niagara Falls, Lyman WY, Waimea Bay, and now Death Valley. I had a seat and took some time to draw nothing.

Tired of drawing nothing so I decided to draw something.

I don’t always make good decisions.

It was just like that one scene in Titanic where Leo draws Kate. Exactly like that.


2 thoughts on “Death Valley: you can get a sunburn from salt

  1. Dude, didn’t you live in the snow in Utah? Same effect.
    I learned that Blacks COULD get really bad sunburn my first day in Hawaii.

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