I Promise to Lock it Up This Time: I want a bike

I had a bike once. Not an expensive or fancy one, but it was pretty much exactly what I wanted. It appears someone else appreciated my taste in bikes enough to steal mine while it was resting on my front porch.

I want another bike.IMG_3219

Simple, fixed gear, no embellishments, I liked it. I have no intentions of completing a triathlon or riding in a pelaton, but I expect the bike to work well enough to ride.

Now should Santa want to upgrade just a little perhaps there are some other options…n5sso2vizknlrdjabpjt

A Brooks saddle and toe clips would be welcome.khioeue35ljonol4dhv1

A rack complete with a wool blanket (refer to previous blanket post) and some chrome accents… also acceptable.

Really, if I’m completely honest, I want a carbon fiber lightweight frame in matte black, no stickers or logos. I want black wall slick tires, only a front brake, preferably disk, fixed gear, chrome seat post and handle bars, natural leather saddle and grips.

I also want a 1960’s Ford Bronco.

One thought on “I Promise to Lock it Up This Time: I want a bike

  1. Are these more recent posts copied from the notes to Santa on your refrigerator or does Mrshammas read your blog?

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