That Place Looks Crazy: Walt Disney Concert Hall

Imagine a soda can with no label, no colors, just metallic silver. Now imagine you took this chromey can and smashed it, bent and twisted it all up. Then… imagine that metal mess was about five stories tall. If you cannot imagine such a think don’t worry, I know where you can see one; and it is awesome.IMG_7255

The place opened in 2003, was designed by a famous guy (Frank Gehry), and is the home of the LA Philharmonic. all of those things are true, and perhaps relevant, but what is important, is that it is a wonder to look at.IMG_7248

I want to write about it, tell you stuff, but its all blah, blah, blah, when what is important, is what you see.IMG_7252















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5 responses to “That Place Looks Crazy: Walt Disney Concert Hall

  1. I was thinking of you Johhnyboy Barclay

  2. And no mention of he who introduced you to this building in my Dream Believe Create lecture? How sad. I’m very hurt

  3. Oops did not see your comment. Happy now.

  4. yeah, Johhnyboy. A little quick on the draw today.

  5. Pretty building. Did you see Gustavo Dudamel conduct?!

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