Old Town Rootbeer Company: Temecula, CA

My co workers were all happy to be spending the weekend in wine country. I was curious about his whole wine country thing, I’ve never been to there, but I wasn’t exactly excited. Words like Cabarnet Sauvignon at a dinner table normally mean I will spend the dinner not participating in conversation. It is amazing how much people talk about wine or alcohol in general.
I know nothing about such things and consequentially have little to offer such conversations. This was on my mind as I turned onto Temecula’s main street with its old timey western storefronts.
The usual suspects were all there: trading post, art gallery with pastel Indian feathers, rootbeer shop.
Wait… rootbeer shop!?


I ran an old woman off the sidewalk as I illegally parked the car and ran inside.

“Yes.” I said out loud when I stepped inside the door.

“Pardon? May I help you?” a tie dyed bearded kid asked.

“Yes. Just yes.”


Olde Philadelphia, Virgil’s, Cheerwine, Kutztown, and Blenheim.
Upon seeing that last one I may have teared up just a little.


“I’ll take six of those.” I ordered then started looking around.
They have it all and then have just a little bit more. The place isn’t huge, its a little more pricey then I would hope, but it is the best reason for a Mormon to drive to wine country I have ever seen.




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5 responses to “Old Town Rootbeer Company: Temecula, CA

  1. NO WAY!!! That is AWESOME!! But, but but…. no Sprechers from Wisconsin? You need to educamacate dem about that… http://www.sprecherbrewery.com/soda.php

  2. Lindsey

    We must be related. My husband thinks my cravings for root beer and ginger ale that require special trips to the grocery store are just weird. And no, I’m not pregnant! This is a fact if life for me.

  3. Try Gerrard’s Market in Redlands for a good soda selection.

  4. Brian

    All these times I have been to Temecula and I never knew about this place. I will definitely have to check it out!

  5. Ah, my home town. I always try to stop there for a bottle of Dad’s Root Beer whenever I pass by.

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