Skidmore College

Skidmore is one of those places you have heard of, but can’t exactly remember when or why.sign out front

It is located in Saratoga Springs New York, where most of us have never been, and it only has 2,500 students, so most of us do not know a Skidmore graduate. Yet we have still heard of it.quad

It began in the early 1900’s as a women’s school. Men were first admitted in the 70’s. Around that time they also admitted Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s fame.sculpture

When I visited the place was quiet. It was Spring break so I assume the few kids still hanging around were either extra smart (the kind I was looking for) or had no social life. I am in no position to judge anyone’s social life.skateboard

The campus is pretty in that woodsy, Adirondack, sort of way. Trees, hills, and preppies. Well, more like preppy with a dash of hippy. Sperry topsiders with tye dye.adirondacks


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  1. Douglas

    Brohammas, a cousin is a Skidmore graduate and you really captured it. BTW, the town comes feverishly alive in August for racing season. Rents rise, behavior becomes more…colorful. Two Street after the parade seems sedate by comparison. I will be there watching, placing two dollar bets that never pay off, and smiling.

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