NC State: Another Wolf Pack First Down!

Before he became my co worker he worked for Ernest & Gallo. He always wore khakis. Tall, slim, tucked in polo shirt, “crokies” on his sunglasses, boat shoes, a slight grin, and that ring.

An NC State ring.

IMG_4639Another friend of mine, one of my best, was once on the football team’s coaching staff. They don’t normally contend for the national title, but you wouldn’t know it on game day.IMG_4637We wound our way through an endless sea of tailgaters into the stadium where we all sang the school song and all shouted and pointed up field on every first down.

Being the low man on an aging coaching staff is not a fun place. Being an undergrad in a fraternity, if judged by how that ring was welded to my co worker’s finger, is just the opposite.IMG_4641

John Edwards went to NC State, so did Zach Galifianakis. At any given time 35,000 people attend State. They first integrated  letting Black people enroll, in 1956. Ol’ Miss had a riot when it integrated in 1962. NC State did not… yet it took sit ins from NC State’s neighbor, Shaw University, to force Raleigh merchants to serve Black customers.IMG_4640

But walking along the brick plaza of State’s campus, or down the shop lined streets of Raleigh, I might be th eonly one thinking about that.

Most every one else is more worried about bio labs and first downs.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.




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