NYU: A big apple for the teacher

Who needs a campus when you are in Manhattan?

nyu viewWho needs a quad when you have Washington Square?

As you wander around trying to get a feel for the student body, culture, climate and whatnot, all you get is New York.

That isn’t a bad thing.

ampitheatreI had lunch with a colleague who works in admissions at Stern. “How is New York?” I asked.

She smiled, looking far off into the distance, and gave a sing-songy recounting of a chick flick worthy summer. I’m not sure she has ever walked the sidewalks of the city, she has been ten feet off the ground the entire time.

She deserves to be there.

flatironThe school is private. There are almost 39,000 students but that is a drop in the bucket for New York. $1,200 per credit is not. But hey, this is New York!

girlThey give out Nobel prizes like candy around here. Go to Hollywood to make some shoot ’em up action movie. Go to NYU to make a smart movie… while wearing black and sleeping on a cot stuffed in a closet.

dormsIf none of this sounds good to you, you don’t deserve to live here.

goofy face

3 thoughts on “NYU: A big apple for the teacher

  1. To visit fine, but deserve to live there, why would I want to do that, Buildings are not trees, wild game is not what is under the trees, and fishing means your are trying to figure out what the heck is going on. My Jet boat would get beat up trying to dodge the taxis, and I would get shot for carrying my gun around, besides, I would not be able to complain about wolves living in my back yard, Of course it would be hard to find a back yard on Manhattan.

  2. i’m an NYU almuna (CAS Class of 2004) and i didn’t appreciate the City as much as i should have. still, i have extremely fond memories of NYU and would not have chosen another school for all the world.

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