George Washington University

Jackie O went there. So did Colin Powell. George Washington did not.

george bustWhen its first class graduated, the ceremony was attended by James Monroe (of the doctrine fame), John C. Calhoun, and Marquis de Lafayette (of once stayed in this hotel fame). That was then.

main building statueNow the school boasts a student body of roughly 24 thousand students, studying all sorts of things, for various types of degrees. What it has in students, it lacks in parking spaces. I suggest taking the metro.

gateWalking around campus I noticed a few things: construction, a statue of a hippo and accompanying real life homeless guy, and more construction.

walking gazeeboI am no stranger to homeless guys, am somewhat less familiar with bronze hippos, and was till that day completely inexperienced at student tours complete with guide talking about hippos while completely ignoring homeless guy right next to hippo.

hippoI believe the man’s sign indicated he wanted donations, my observation saw none given. This could mean that the prospective students could not read, had no money to give, or had no desire to give. All key indicators regarding the GW student body discount the first two options, and the last option would be pure speculation.

I speculate that the guy holding the sign should be allowed to take a GW business class to learn about location location location. I am no expert so I won’t volunteer to teach that class… though I did once live in a van so I may actually know something.

briefcase sculpturesAll in all, GW is, in all aspects, D.C.

The cherry blossoms are beautiful, the construction is not. It is urban but it isn’t New York. It is politically aspirational and recent reports indicate it has been cheating for the past ten years.

weatherveinThe school recently self reported that for roughly a decade it has been mis-reporting the high school class rankings of its incoming classes by 20 points. As a result of that inaccurate information the school was top ranked… now because of the correction they are un-ranked.

I’m sure Jackie O’s degree is still valuable and I will not argue with the brain power of Colin Powell.


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