Wet Socks in Boston

The conference is almost a weak long, right downtown. They suggested I stay at the Marriott so I assumed that was where the conference was. One should not assume.IMG_0746

A two block walk isn’t all that bad, unless you have luggage and it is winter. I don’t mind winter so much, but I wore the wrong socks. Wrong socks don’t matter so much if one wears the right shoes. I did not.


Working at a conference is not quite as intense as attending one. People pay good money to go to these things and they are normally packed from 8 am til ten at night with lectures and breakout sessions. I once tried attending the lectures at these things but quickly learned that lectures are no good if you only understand every third word of what the smart person up front is saying.

I’m sure I would appreciate the lectures much more were I a biochemist. I am not a biochemist.artist

So after hours I wander. Wandering would be much better if I had brought the right shoes. fountain at noght

Wandering a strange city isn’t that bad if you are on your way somewhere nice, or interesting, or both. In Boston I went somewhere both.



Unfortunately, or fortunately, I will not be bringing you any photos of this place… my camera died. Should I find it strange that when my camera dies I cannot place phone calls?

What you would have seen were I able to take phone calls would be house slippers, a youngster with a wooden sword, and multiple fire alarms.

Your loss.



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3 responses to “Wet Socks in Boston

  1. That last pic is a great one.. Enjoy a fellow founding city! Stop in the Green Dragon.. It’s a tavern where much of the American Resistance was formed. Pretty interesting.

  2. Wet Socks in Boston….. Inspired me to work on a new song…. Great song title. Bummer about your camera/phone… Time for a 5 dude.

  3. Next time I should send you home with those slippers. Glad our train was on time, too.

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