Bryn Mawr: the Big Hill

Ten miles up the mainline from Philadelphia is Lower Marion Township. Driving up route 30 rowhouses give way to stone houses and trees. I pass St. Joe’s, the French International School, then after Haverford I take a right. There not quite all the way to Rosemont or Villanova, is Bryn Mawr.ImageQuakers founded the school in 1885 but the board soon decided the institution would have no religious affiliation. It is the first school in America to offer a PhD to women.ImageBryn Mawr is one of the seven sisters. It brings to mind images of knee high socks and plaid skirts I saw none of that when I visited. I did see a chemistry lab filled with glass tubes and DNA models.Image




3 thoughts on “Bryn Mawr: the Big Hill

  1. Why is it you photograph students at other colleges but not at this one?

    I dated a Bryn Mawr grad when I lived in Phila in ’85. Brilliant, gifted artist (she painted my portrait) and sexy as all get out. We were doomed from the beginning but I’ll never forget her.

    1. I don’t think classes were in session the day I was there. Or perhaps all the students were actually IN class. Either way, there were strangely no students to be seen. The professors I met with were not as keen to preen in front of my iPhone.

      Or maybe it is a better story to say I was just leaving the images of undergrads up to your imagination?

  2. Bro-This campus was literally my back yard growin up. I lived behind campus…my Mom still does. Beautiful campus…as nice any any in the US I would wager.
    We ran around the dorms..played pinball in the lounges…climbed into the turrets to sneak cigarettes…played football and softball on their field…we used their lacrosse nets for practice. I love these photos.

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