Mercer University

I had never been to Macon Georgia before but my information told me Mercer university merited a visit.

Mercer was founded in 1833, stayed open during the civil war, and then just quietly became a good school. They don’t have a football team, have not made it to March madness, so most of us have never heard of it.

When I was there it was obvious the school had pride in itself despite its national non-recognition. It was more obvious when I began meeting students who appeared more excited about science then socializing… not the undergrad experience I remember.

This is a good school.

I could go on about this and that but really, the thing that struck me the most, were the portraits of past presidents in president’s hall.

Old guys but not painted in old style? I have by now been in a lot of “president’s halls” and no one else does this. I like it. The paintings themselves are OK, but the idea is what I appreciate. An old southern school not afraid to be just a bit more modern, or perhaps even irreverent with its past? Refreshing. These portraits were surely an ode to history, but done so without rebel flag waiving or a longing to return to a past when things may not have been “ideal” for everyone.But even stranger… this statue. Look at it. Look up at my header. Look back…

I refuse to look it up but I’m sure mine was first.

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