Athenaeum Providence

Athenaeum. Cool word. Cooler building.

The Providence Athenaeum is the United States’ third oldest subscription library. It was founded in 1753, 23 years before the Declaration of Independence, but 22 years after Ben Franklin founded one in Philly.

Philly wins!

But it isn’t a contest. There is just something about bookshelves that require ladders and wooden desk chairs.
They make you want to be there.

3 thoughts on “Athenaeum Providence

  1. What a great place to grab a book and relax for a few hours! Sacramento has a library similar to that, but its very small with no ladders. It has that old timey feel to it. It’s a shame they don’t make them like that anymore.

  2. How utterly perfect, I want to sit in that little nook and learn something. I wish I had stuck in at school and made something of myself, I was a bit lost then – it’s my big regret in life.

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