Philadelphia Tweed Ride

I do not ride a bike, nor do I own any tweed, but I knew where to wait this afternoon.

There was plaid, some trad, but sadly no penny-farthing.

A cordial group out for an autumns ride through town, followed by a picnic. How grand.




Sorry… I can’t help myself with this one:




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12 responses to “Philadelphia Tweed Ride

  1. Thanks for the wonderful photos!

  2. You have an up and coming model for sure. You should get some tweed. Or even better, a pennyfarthing!

  3. NIce work and thanks.
    — mcget

  4. Erik Lane

    That was probably my favorite picture. Very cute girl! I guess I should maybe just look it up – but what are the differences in 1860s rule baseball?

  5. Nielsen

    So, is this your version of having your kids live in a teepee?

  6. Aaron

    I did notice quite a few ladies in the pictures wearing fur. Wonder where they got them?

  7. Are you kidding me??!?!?! Wow, just wow…

  8. Natalie

    What is this and how can I be a part? What lovely pictures! And your daughter… so adorable.

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