I Call Him Easy E: I don’t think he knows who that is

One day I received an unsolicited gift in the mail. It was a copy of the book, Gary Cooper, a Daughter Remembers. I knew very little about Gary Cooper other than than his name being sung by Dr. Fraankenshteeeen in a Mel Brooks movie. A little note read that the sender thought Coop was my kind of guy and that because of this I might enjoy the images. The sender was right.

Chris Cox

Cooper was from the rural West, liked to hunt, fish, paint, and ski. Yes Mr. Cox, my kind of guy.

I was once again in Richmond and we had lunch.

He has great taste in art.

I have posted about him before, linked to his sight and such, but this afternoon we stopped by his tailor’s.


Mr. Cox has designed his own line of suits, the “Icon Collection.” It consists of updates on old classics. Stuff for people like Gary Cooper.

the line

The man loves what he does.

Chris is the first blogger I ever called out of the blue to meet in person. I did so because I got the feeling from his sight that he wasn’t faking it, and I had no idea what the world he lives in is like. So I called to ask him if I could have a peek.

comfort is elegant

Since that day our families have met, he has fed me several times, and I now consider him a friend. His world is not all that different than anyone else’s, but it is definitely much better groomed than mine, and likely yours too. But he would never knock yours. I’ve tried to egg him on. He won’t do it. He really is too nice.

the sporting jacket

HE has a knack for making other people feel comfortable. That’s a great skill to have. He wants the world to look a little nicer too. I suppose I’m with him on that one. Or at least I would like to look a little better myself.

Finding the book “The Suit”

When leaving his home on one trip my wife looked over at me and said, “Babe, we gotta step up our game when people come by our house. They just showed us how it is done and we got a lot of work to do.”

She was right. We still have a long way to go but at least we know where to look for examples.

8 thoughts on “I Call Him Easy E: I don’t think he knows who that is

  1. Can he be our friend too? Can we take our husbands to his house so that they can learn how to step up their game? Does he make women’s clothing? We’d love to hand with this Brotha! As a matter of fact, he needs to write a how to for Mormon men in Utah…. The Black suit with shirt plain tie isn’t working anymore, how can he help us all have our husbands step it up?

  2. Sistas,
    Stay tuned on the how to book, though it isn’t just for Mormons. I think I might be the only Mormon he knows.
    Women don’t need him, you already have Chanel.
    Bet ya 100 bucks if you emailed him he would let you hang out… he’s cool like that.

  3. Bro-brother, you are, as usual, far too kind and quick with your compliments. I hope I remembered to thank you for lunch that day!
    It’s always a pleasure to host you and your family. Drop by any time. Your kids can set the example of “well-behaved” for mine…

    My dentist is Mormon. Rides a motorcycle.

    Dear Sistas, it’s a question of feeling comfortable for most men. Once you show them that it’s possible to chop wood in a tweed jacket or run a jackhammer in a cashmere sweater, they’ll reconsider. (And yes, I’ve done both those things. Much to the amusement of the others working on the project at the time.) Thank you for the compliment.

  4. You and the Mrs. were EXCELLENT hosts last time we were there, Bro. I know you’ve never succeeded in convincing me on the fashion front, but I do feel the need to improve on my guest-hosting skills.

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