Radford University

I had to fly to Greesboro North Carolina then drive a couple hours up to Radford. I had never heard of Radford. apparently the deficiency was once again, my own.The country is dotted with institutions doing great things with great students. the country is also dotted with people who do little to educate themselves but still think they know something.

Not me. I know I don’t know things but strangely enough this does not stop me from speaking as if I do. Perhaps I should run for president?Radford was founded in 1910 as a women’s normal school. “Normal” school was the term used for a school training teachers. “Regulars” was a term for a military unit. I always related the two words together but I again find myself to be the misinformed one. Radford became less normal in the 70’s when it went co-ed.By the time I arrived on campus the school had become quite modern and normal as is evidenced by this guy. I know a thing or two about both hammocks and undergrads. This sort of sight is in fact normal, the set up was well executed, and my desire to walk over and tip the kid out onto the ground was luckily (for him) stifled.As if that reminder was not enough, I wandered into the bookstore and found the most normal thing of all. What other pattern would a rural Virginia normal school use?



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3 responses to “Radford University

  1. Brendan

    Still visiting Amherst tomorrow?

  2. What shirt? I can’t see anything…

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