University of Toronto

I did not, nor do I now, know anything about the University of Toronto. How very American of me. Such is the case with Canada.Without researching and without being invited I strolled onto campus. I had no expectations and very little curiosity. It was just convenient. I was deficient, the University was not.It was like Harvard but more royal, New York but cleaner. Walls were covered with ivy, domes were held up by  arches, and doorways led to courtyards. As I wandered around looking this way and that, students smiled and asked if I needed directions. It felt elite minus the elitism.I wandered around in wonder. Clean modern towers looking over gothic arches pleased me. But I am from the States, so all I did was look around, find myself impressed, then move on.The University, its city, its country, deserve more attention.I don’t deserve to give it.



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2 responses to “University of Toronto

  1. Tom

    Doh, when were you there? Just landed in SLC after a week in Toronto.

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