I Use Pinterest Wrong: Tumblr

You see something you like and in a hybrid of a browser bookmark, tweet, and Tumblr click you have digitally pinned your new favorite recipe or blouse. Yes, I pin on Pinterest. I have one board named “inspiration” on which I stick pictures of stuff I like. Once pinned I can sit back and look at all the stuff I like all here before me. Mrs. Hammas says I do it wrong, and because she never is I have adjusted.

There is a new Tumblr called YesYouShould.

Brohammas is all original, or at least as self created. Yes you should is pure piracy. Beautiful, curated, piracy.



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2 responses to “I Use Pinterest Wrong: Tumblr

  1. Mitch

    Wow, best tumblr I’ve ever seen. Thanks for including all the wonderful pics of African-American and black folks in all depictions of stylistic beauty. But, my favorite is the lovely photo of your wife on the boardwalk. Lovely picture. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. brohammas

    Thanks Mitch, she’s my favorite too.

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