Little Pleasures

On the main street of old town Fredericksburg Virginia is a small storefront. The sign says Taste: Oil, Vinegar, Spice. I assumed it was some pampered chef sort of spot. Bless that 8 year old child for forcing me to go in.

Dark Chocolate Balsamic

Inside are rows and rows of silver kettles filled with oils and balsamics with matching sample cups. Swoon. Go get some CLICK HERE.

This same child on a walk near my Philadelphia home made me check out a new businness opened in a recently vacated warehouse. This newfound gem is a non profit group that breaks down movie sets once shooting is over and sells off all the stuff left behind… very cheaply.

Wood and brass suit caddy for under $20.

I’m not telling anyone where this goldmine is till my office is fully stocked.


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