The Sun Sets on Summer

If you have friends with children you know summer is over. Facebook feeds now consist of 60% photos of kids on the first day of school and 40% “shares” of how Obama is really an alien from Mars waiting to destroy the United States and eat all those children… who he will be able to easily find since we all posted on Facebook that they are in school.

I have not posted such a picture but only because the event hasn’t happened yet.  The sky is red but the sun hasn’t slipped over the horizon just yet.

Race Street Pier

Seersucker and white shoes are now faux pas and tweed will be here soon. Whatever. I say we go with these guys.

Penn’s Landing

Next week our schedule will be dictated by the district and a teacher, last week it was whatever fun we could glean from the internet. Mrs. Hammas shouted down the stairs, “what about dragon boat races?” I couldn’t hear her as I was sitting in the one square foot of cool space in my house, the spot right in front of the window unit, so I just shouted back, “what?” Which was interpreted as a yes.

Dragon boats out-pacing the U.S.S. Olympia

Her idea was a win.


As is always the case in a large city such as ours, when kids have no summer structure they start to tear down any structures they can find. Twas a shame that when visiting a local museum we found kids had scribbled graffiti in the wet cement, or plaster… or bronze. Whatever.

A friend asked me “who is Podin?”

Eating outdoors will soon be replaced with a cafeteria for the kids and for me… mostly airline food. I think the little ones and I will both pack sack lunches.

But in all this ending there is hope. Football season has begun, which defines hope, and even better, the city has shut off the fire hydrants.

Cooler days are coming



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4 responses to “The Sun Sets on Summer

  1. Obama is NOT an alien? Seriously? Dang….

    • I never said he wasn’t. I was just relaying that my facebook friends are not afraid to forward allegations that may or may not be true but are surely worth considering , which of course brings up the fact that Obama has not proven to us that he is NOT from Mars. very suspicious.
      BTW John, do you still beat your dog?

  2. In fact I do beat my dog. Did you hear that Mitt Romney is the anti-Christ?

    • I did hear he was the anti-Christ last election when Huckabee told me so, I am however curious that as Romney said, no one has asked to see his birth certificate even though his dad was from Mexico.

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