Because He is Good at What He Does: Kala Studios

I didn’t think it was all that long ago that we were sitting in my office watching youtube videos on how to get soda from a keg into a bottle without it foaming over and losing carbonation. We eventually figured it out (the trick is keeping the hoses in the freezer) and since then, he has figured out a few other things as well.

New Showroom in Fredericksburg VA

We drove south on I-95, got off in Fredericksburg, then kept driving off into the trees. Set back in the woods, on a dirt road, is a workshop full of saws and tools and two skilled hands.

Kaleo Kala in the shop

When he left Philly for the woods our beverage venture crumbled. He brewed a good root beer but that was never meant to be his art. Next week his art finds a new home when the Kala Studios open on the main strip in Fredericksburg’s old town. the sneak peak was worth the trip.

raw edge bench

grandfather plank

clockwork table

the “clock works” in the table

Rummaging through the stuff in his shop I barraged him with my ideas of what he could make out of different scraps of wood. He and I both know I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about and he pretends I’m not annoying. I appreciate that.

Dining table in his house

He is winning praise from interior designers in the D.C. area and developing a bit of a following. I’m not in that area but I’m part of his following. He builds a chair I have always loved but never been able to afford. If you have more money than you know what to do with and want to surprise me for Christmas, call Kaleo.

slab in progress



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2 responses to “Because He is Good at What He Does: Kala Studios

  1. Uglyblackjohn

    I like the clock.
    (How did you get Halle Berry to go to the country with you?)

  2. how? Kaleo has his skills… I got mine.

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