Found a Spot to Land

I am not made for entrepreneurial pursuits. I prize security, am averse to personal financial risk, and consequentially I am happy to give up some measure of autonomy as well as the associated insecurity.  With this in mind I have spent some time being racked with insecurity, of all sorts, while shopping around for a safe haven. We call it “job hunting.”

My recollection of deer hunting with Dad was that it consisted mostly of sitting still and quiet in the snow waiting for something with antlers to wander in front of us. The same tactics don’t bear fruit when stalking employment.

I had to move around a little.

Brigham Young University

Job hunting is much more like dating than hunting. I move we start calling it “job dating.”

First you stalk each other’s profiles online, then maybe a phone call, then if you both get brave, you meet in person. Both parties size each other up and try not to act too eager, because desperation looks good on no one, but really you wouldn’t be talking at all if you both weren’t dripping with need.

Widener University

You do your best to steal attention from the other guys in the crowd while they all do the same. When things don’t work out you are sent off making excuses to your friends as to why it wasn’t the right fit, or it just wasn’t the right time for a relationship,  or any other lame excuse to not say directly that you got dumped for someone else.


But in this game there is no time to mope. Bachelorhood is not an option and in this light maybe this is hunting in the primitive sense; one needs to eat. Frost killed my crops so farming is out of the question. I am hungry.

Then you see the five point buck, or maybe the girl who looks like Halle Berry. Keep cool. don’t be “that guy.”

Pomona College

But in some sense you never get anywhere until you throw it all out there. Pull the trigger, pop the question, leave cool behind and take a risk.

Which is what I said I wanted to avoid in the first place.

Claremont University Consortium.

It is time to update my Facebook status.



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3 responses to “Found a Spot to Land

  1. Uglyblackjohn

    You’re thinking about moving to Cali? Be ready for a severe sticker shock on ALL things. The Claremont cluster IS pretty nice – BTW.

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