Because they are French and he is no longer a Hasid

Revolution was in the air and the Bearded Ladies were on the stage.I suppose the MC of the event would naturally be in drag because Bastille day is a French event? I’m sure this is applicable for some reason. I will not speculate as to why.

Joan D’ Arc sang Talkin’ bout my Generation, Napoleon sang We are the Champions, and Ben Franklin was break dancing.Our feisty mob made enough of a roar that Marie Antoinette sent her minions to mock us from the walls of our proxy Bastille.When our MC complained of the monarchy’s “rain” of terror the crowd fired their squirt guns in the air. Antoinette responded with her yearly reply, the words we keep coming back to hear, “let them eat Tastycake!”As the defiant aristocrats threw tasty treats to the crowd below we peasants scrambled to catch free food. Her majesty was pardoned again… I think they blamed insurance issues with the guillotine.

Family fun accomplished, the wife and I called a babysitter and trekked down to the stadiums in South Philly.She was unimpressed with the man in the parking lot who threw up the contents of his tailgating before the Pink Floyd concert. We were unaware of that show, it wasn’t why we came, but it looked like about about 50,000 middle aged white people got that memo and were ready to rock.

We walked through the masses and entered the Xfinity Live area. We had never been and did not know what to expect. It is new.This was the first free concert events that provided pre-show entertainment that was about our speed.Matisyahu came on soon enough. We had heard he was no longer orthodox but we were slightly unprepared for what we saw when he took the stage.He had gone from looking like a rabbi to looking like Asher Roth.  The music was still as good, and really that is why we came, but still, halfway through my wife leans over and says, “Jewish reggae is one thing, but now it feels like I’m just watching another white rapper.” I had no solid response.











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4 responses to “Because they are French and he is no longer a Hasid

  1. Ha! Love your wife’s comment!

  2. This seems like total insanity…

  3. Your wife is wonderful. Beautiful and witty… I used to love that game! Connect I think its called right?

    Let them eat Tastycake! YES!!

  4. Not another white rapper, for I have never seen a white rapper in concert. I think I said I feel like I’m just watching a white rapper. Which infers no special quality-not like watching a Hasidic one. just sayin’.
    -the wife

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